Hey there, let me guess… you hired someone for your online marketing needs and he or she cheated you (you feel that way, at least). This is why; you were looking for a reliable company that will not just take your money and leaves you with no progress after nearly six months or a year of spending. Well, you have found this post because it’s destiny calling. I will give you the best five digital marketing tips to use this year.

I am Mona Sharif (owner of Symbolic Text Developers, and digital marketing expert). I have several years of experience in content marketing, email marketing, SMM, SEO, and online advertising. In this time, I have helped several clients grow their businesses.

In this time, I spent time working with clients in the US, UK, PK, and AU. These were medical practitioners, health specialists, cosmetic surgeons, realtors, travel agencies, ecommerce platforms, and lawyers based in the US. I have finally opened my mind to helping people in Pakistan (my country) with my expertise. Therefore, this year, I have five powerful digital marketing tips for business owners in 2021:

5 Golden Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 for Business Owners

Here are my golden rules for my past, existing, and future clients.

1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to use

I recommend using Divi if you have a WordPress site. Make some fixes to make the theme easier to use and automatically mobile friendly. It should have a great page speed on all pages. This is one of the Digital Marketing Tips people take for granted and do not like when we professionals suggest it. But TRUST OUR EXPERTISE! We only recommend a change of web design only if we know your website sucks!

2. Spend extra on SEO

I know you have spent a lot on SEO, but spend more this year. Competition is tough, and the more backlinks and informative content you can have on your website, the better for you. Hire an expert who knows how to find the best keywords for your business, which can rank faster and have good search volume. Find one who knows how to fix broken links, place redirects when necessary.

3. Use Facebook advertising & PPC

Digital marketing is not just about SEO now; it is about using the advertising platforms. You may have spent a lot on ads with zero lead generation. Hiring people who have spent thousands on ads to learn from it is the trick this year. So many novice digital marketers offer these services to people but fail. This is going to be my most important of all digital marketing tips I can give – DO IT RIGHT!

Know how to make the best target audience and use them in your ads. Without informative ads targeting the right people, your quality score will be a mess. If you cannot do it yourself – Let experts do it for you!

4. Take social media marketing seriously

There is an increased awareness about social media marketing nowadays! Everyone is spending more on SMM. Using hashtags is as usual an important trick. However, in 2021, make sure social posts more about what people need and why they are looking for your business. Not about your services and what you do best. – Get me?

5. Be consistent

Most of my clients have this habit of starting services and then they take a break. I will tell you what I tell my existing clients. DO NOT STOP! Good things take time. Reduce the investments in digital marketing activities, adjust them here and there, but stopping completely means going back a few months. In the end, it is like taking three steps forward then taking two steps back. Where will you be in the next few months? Your competition will take over the market while you literally remain right where you were months ago.

So in 2021, plan your digital marketing with the right people. I am sure that these digital marketing tips will help! If you want to do it yourself, I am a message away – let me guide you. I also offer CPD (UK) certifications in courses that you may want to register for to train yourself. In case you missed my last post – you can click here to read it The Importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Should you want to make sure, your money gets the right results – let us talk!

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