Writing does not come easily to all of us. Some content writers are not accustomed to writing long, but can manage short texts easily. However, content writers have to be flexible because it is part of their work. There may be the need for someone to help them learn how to handle lengthy content writing. Here is a helpful blog on article writing.

If writing does not come naturally to you and it is worrying you, just relax and make yourself understand that you do not need big words in order to write something. Instead, it is better to write how you speak, because the reader will appreciate the article when he or she understands it in their first read.

In order to improve your article writing skills you need to keep three ‘C’s in mind:

  1. Creative
  2. Critical, and
  3. Compelling

Before you open windows to your creative side, write texts that would compel the reader to read more and attract them towards your work. Lastly be open to constructive criticism.

First, an important thing for you to do is to know your weaknesses, so that you can rectify them faster. Know the words that are hard for you to spell, break them up, and try learning them or slow down when writing those words.

Do not rely solely on spell-check, because you cannot improve them. Do not try to write fancy sentences, because your grammar comes in and holds you back. Grammar is hard to correct, so take the simple way.

Then, you need to practice writing. Not writing on the computer but writing the old-school way using a pencil and a paper. Take an hour out of your busy life and write short stories and then re-read them and edit them. This might be a difficult task, but definitely worth the effort.

Lastly, it is very essential for you to read. Read good books, articles, and blogs in order to write better. Reading improves your article writing skills greatly as you learn new words and their application in sentences.

Other than that, you need to get out there and let your environment sink in. Learn from the movies you watch, concentrate on your conversations and interact with people in English all the time.

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