With the growth of the smartphone industry in the past two decades, there has been a big surge in social media marketing all over the world. Pakistan is a nation with nearly 65% of the population under 35 years of age and 50% under 22 years of age. The use of social media is rising exponentially and internationally, and Pakistan is no exemption. Pakistan has become a nation with 169 million unique subscribers and 87m of them are smartphone users. The privilege to have a smartphone empowers a user to access an unlimited number of apps. Therefore, the conditions for social media marketing in Pakistan are near perfect.

Now let us discuss which apps are the big players in social media in Pakistan and how social media marketing in Pakistan works. We are also going to discuss the rising trend of social media marketing in Pakistan and its benefits.

What is Social Media?

Social media simply means using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others to socialize online. Social media is also a major tool used in marketing in the present age we live in.

The Internet has become a rapidly growing and evolving technology to bridge the gap between people all over the world and replace the usual types of advertising effectively. Social networking patterns are still changing. A significant number of sellers think it because of the high number of social media users. The most dominant way for individuals to use social media these days

The reason this is what we now know as social media marketing is that consumers can communicate and socialize with other individuals and communities from around the world. It entails insights, conversations, and other relationships.

Social networking gives us wonderful chances to maintain far-away connections and to collaborate with remote contacts. It has thus opened new horizons for both large and small companies to boost their activities speedily.

Social Media Marketing in Pakistan

Social media marketing in Pakistan refers to the promotion and advertising of goods across different social media platforms.

Over the last ten years, Pakistan has seen a boom in social media websites and industry websites. The primary explanation for this boost is that it has become easier to publish content. On various social media sites, including those web users who lack technological skills are now conveniently able to generate and post content.

Today, with the growing trend in social media use, businesses are conveniently able to enjoy a wide spectrum of opportunities and obligations. Besides, as social media marketing in Pakistan has enabled organizations to remain linked 24/7 with their clients, they can build lifelong connections with their current customers.

Companies, especially those almost entirely reliant on social media, have to give their future consumers the best of offers and services to get an advantage over rivals. Social networking is a place where people chat about your business, making it compulsory to be part of this platform for you.

Social Media Presently

Currently, social media has become a marketing tool, commonly used by small and big corporations. Social media marketing in Pakistan is observing a boom because of the businesses’ primary aim to boost customer reach and maximize brand visibility. In this fast-changing world, social networking sites present an opportunity for business owners to not only expand their customer reach but also track the progress of their marketing campaigns. Businesses will reach a wide community of customers by way of social media marketing. In general, this includes future and current employers, prospective staff, and mostly the public. This helps companies identify new possibilities and reach out to new consumers. It is critical, though; those companies learn how social media can be effective. A company can only get the desired resuscitation if it produces posts that are both enticing and informative.

In addition to delivering the best information to consumers, businesses should provide customers the option of getting access to product feedback and online commentary. A large number of government and non-profit organizations, in addition to main corporations, are now finding their way to the market through social media marketing.

Top 5 Major Players in Social Media Marketing In Pakistan

Social networking sites have a significant number of users from all over the globe. In Pakistan, mainly five websites are having the biggest number of subscriber bases. These websites include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

With 44m active users in a month, YouTube is leading the industry, followed closely by Facebook with 36m and then TikTok at 24m active users. The number then falls when it comes to Instagram and Twitter that are 6 million and 4 million respectively. Local apps also demonstrate the magnitude and others have the opportunity to become mega apps. As these technologies ramp up, they can also become future social media sources

Nearly 71% of overall customers prefer products based on their experience, according to a survey in 2019. In a relationship, Facebook has also played an important part in affecting consumers. It earns the credit of providing 52% of all sales. In 2020, more than 50 million corporations sold their goods or services via their Facebook accounts.

Numerous people use social media in Pakistan for many reasons. Usually, the reasons include, keeping in contact with family and friends, debating crucial topics of sociopolitical activism, and, among other reasons, and keeping up with favorite brands. The numbers have only risen with the launch of 3G and 4G.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan

When companies begin to market their products and services on social media, they reap a multitude of advantages. Besides, Pakistan, like any other country, is no exception. Here are some benefits of social media marketing in Pakistan that a company can enjoy.

·         Brand Recognition in Pakistan

In Pakistan, social media has played a significant role in raising brand awareness. It has an expansive user presence, reaching nearly 2 billion users on Facebook, representing a very large part of the world’s population. Companies who choose Facebook as their marketing tool may adopt various methods to reach out to these people. This helps to create a strong understanding of the brand among vast target customers.

For example, to spread its identity and broaden its customer base, Furor, a clothing brand in Pakistan, resorted to social media. As very new to the market, the business had several competitors to conquer. By extending their marketing strategy towards two of Pakistan’s most recognized and followed Vloggers, it conquered the rivalry and the company attained an advantage in no time.

·         Traffic on websites in Pakistan

The material, primarily images, audio, and videos posted on social media by corporations, draws their target audience to the site, increasing traffic on the website. This suggests that not only does social media raise brand recognition, but it also paves the way for more possibilities. When individuals go to the website of a company using a social media channel, the company experiences improved sales as well as a better position on search engines.

·         Brand Loyalty

Social networking is the cheapest way to communicate with a wide variety of people, and the most effective. This is the forum where people debate the brand. There were times when individuals used to buy goods solely on word-of-mouth brand advertising, but those days are long gone. Currently, individuals now go through consumer feedback and customer reviews before confirming any order.

A new survey reveals that, since responding to online feedback, nearly 35 percent of consumers make choices on buying goods. To improve brand loyalty, it is also imperative for enterprises to develop strong credibility. Besides, the comments or reviews on social media by your consumers enable measuring the consistency of the goods. Being in charge of this would surely assist you to produce a positive image of your brand.

·         Valuable client reviews

Businesses who advertise their brand via social media often enjoy an excellent source of wishes and requirements from consumers. A great brand is always a mix of many factors, including how it makes customers feel, its beliefs, purpose and vision, its related confidence, what it inspires in people, how it is connected with culture, how it engages with the environment, and its place on the market relative to rivals. To hear about the actions of the target group, there is no medium better than social media. The easiest way for an organization to excel is to listen to clients’ questions and concerns and then make changes to meet the needs of the clients.

·         Targeted Ads

By producing tailored advertising, businesses will get fruitful results. Based on their preferences, attitudes, and other related information, you should reach out to your audience. You should reach out individually to those consumers you feel are interested in and ready to purchase your offer thus providing customized solutions to customer problems.

Social networking is a two-way source of conversation, unlike most marketing sources. What this suggests is that not just the corporation gets to speak; but also consumers get to have their say as well. This helps you to gain direct input from your current and future clients, enabling you to form your services or campaigns to suit their needs or demands.

Social Media Marketing Trends in Pakistan

As in other nations, social media is the primary source of information. To meet a wide number of consumers, nearly all brands sell their goods through social media. There has been a dramatic change in the number of individuals using social media sites over the past few years; this is likely to grow in the years to come.

Let us look at Pakistan’s prevailing marketing trends.

·         Promotion via Videos

In the past, corporations used to promote their products on Daily Motion, Twitter, and Vimeo. Now, however, this has improved and big companies have switched to Facebook advertising. Social media marketers in Pakistan have employed various marketing strategies, such as video marketing. They mostly use Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter websites.

  • Paid Marketing

Many of you who are connected to the social media marketing industry in some way or another are mindful of the fact that virtually all companies are fan hungry (follower hungry). To have more and more views on their Facebook accounts, and fans on Twitter, businesses are in a sprint. This action of firms makes it apparent that there will be an increased pattern in the years to come.

·         Buying via Social Media

Over the last five years, the spending habits of consumers have shifted. Facebook launched the option to buy goods from company pages. Similarly, soon, several other social media sites will offer their users this choice. In conjunction with social media marketing, for people who are willing to sell their goods, Facebook may also add a ‘SELL’ feature, according to sources. Purchasing and trading would both become easier than ever as this occurs.

·         Twitter’s Growing Trend

There has been a significant spike in marketing activity on Twitter over the past couple of years. Many brands are attempting to engage users of Twitter all over Pakistan. You will note the growing use of hashtags used by businesses to advertise their goods if you read a post on Twitter. It can be possible that more-and-more businesses will pursue this in the future.

Digital Marketing Agency & Social Media Marketing

Because of the highly competitive market for social media marketing in Pakistan, there has been a surge in the number of companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals offering this service. However, it comes as a disappointment to most business owners when they hire the less experienced professionals. In most cases, at Symbolic Text Developers, we get clients who have been swindled or disappointed by other agencies.

5 Qualities of the Best Social Media Marketing Agency

When you embark on a search for a social media marketing service provider or digital marketing agency that offers this, there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure they have a portfolio and years of experience that helps them contend with international standards in social media marketing.
  2. Make sure they show professional capabilities to understand your niche
  3. They must be able to manage your social media calendar. The agency must be able to make a concise social media marketing plan and execute it for you using the best tools available.
  4. The team must be supportive and cooperative
  5. They must have great communication skills in English

At Symbolic Text Developers, we guarantee that we have all these qualities. We started as a content writing agency a decade ago and have grown into a complete digital marketing agency. This proves our experience and command/ authority in social media marketing in Pakistan and internationally.

Having these qualities makes us your best pick for social media marketing services in Pakistan.

We feel proud to say that we are a digital marketing agency that offers all the service to clients in the UK, AU, UAE, and US.


The actual essence of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan is much like a marathon where everyone tries their best to win the big race and enjoy all benefits. This is something business owners should keep in mind by using social media as an advertising platform. As discussed above, if your target audience is established and you are aware of the right medium for your needs, you will be effective in promoting your brand. Besides, keeping track of the operations and their performance would also prove useful in the long run.

In short, many company owners make sacrifices and then give up. You have to resort to the most powerful tools and go with the patterns to be competitive in the social media marketing arena, but most importantly, remain focused and committed.

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