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Increasing Your Sales & Customer Base

The increased growth rate of eCommerce businesses throughout the world is quite surprising. In Pakistan, the eCommerce industry is just picking up, and the completion is very high. In other countries generally, eCommerce has been a booming industry. However, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, eCommerce businesses have shifted their focus towards digital marketing or more specifically eCommerce marketing strategies. Whether you are a business in the US, UK, UAE, or Pakistan, you need to focus on your online marketing strategies to succeed.

Beat Your Competition 

The high rate of growth in eCommerce businesses means higher competition between eCommerce companies. Therefore, every business owner wants complete guidelines to make their company more efficient than their top competition. If you are one of those business owners, you need to choose the best online marketing agency to market your business. Experience in eCommerce marketing can make the difference between success and failure.

Why Choose Symbolic Text Developers?

Symbolic Text Developers is one of the rising and successful eCommerce marketing companies. We have had the privilege of providing many of our services to a number of business owners in the USA, UK, UAE, and Pakistan. We help people build their start-up businesses by guiding them from their initial stages until their conversion into reputable brands.

We design the websites following specific digital marketing strategies that can boost your eCommerce business in the market. We focus on making the website mobile-friendly and optimize it for ranking on Google and other search engines.

Over the years, we have experimented and gained experience in what works for different niches and eCommerce platforms. Yes, competition is tough but nothing is impossible. At Symbolic Text Developers, we continue to evolve as new digital marketing strategies hit the World Wide Web. We stay up-to-date and use the latest tools to help our customers succeed. Moreover, we study the data to continue to optimize and fine-tune our digital marketing approach to help your business succeed.

Our Ecommerce Marketing Approach

The digital marketing strategies that we adopt to enhance your online presence are quite different from the offline eCommerce marketing strategies. Our approach ensures an increase in the number of potential customers (website traffic or leads) as well as their online shopping experience.

We plan your company’s marketing approach to help you to drive huge traffic to your website, by collecting information about your business.

Some strategies we implement are:

·         Professional Website Development

The first thing to focus on is making a website that is mobile friendly and has an easy user-interface. All the items in your inventory must be easy to find and organized. After that, each item must have an optimized product description. Relevant pages must have interlinking. This requires proper content planning and SEO strategies.

·         Email Marketing

First, we use email marketing, which is one of the oldest and powerful tactics. Our experience tells us that emails in ecommerce marketing increase sales. People like having offers directly in their emails. They also like regular reminders by you, because people are always busy. For this, you need an email list of potential customers or leads generated through previous digital marketing campaigns.

If you do not have a list of emails, there is nothing to worry. We plan digital marketing campaigns using sales funnels to get emails through opt-ins.

For this, we create different landing pages and run A/B testing. This approach increases the traffic coming to your website and allows us to understand your customer behavior better. It also creates brand awareness.

·         SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Secondly, we optimize your website considering the users’ intent on your eCommerce website. We set up Google Analytics and gather data that helps us make better marketing strategies. This way, we make your business rank in the top ten searches on Google and other search engines.

·         Create Excellent Content

Lastly, we create content like onsite blogs and guest posts to improve your brand presence. The more content you have the more Google identified your website as worthy and the more it ranks.

·         Social Media Marketing

We also manage your social media posts to engage people on social media using informative blogs, sharing images with offers, and using the right hashtags.

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