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At Symbolic Text Developers, our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and at the same time, we try to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts of interest. This is why we have come up with our refund policies, and we continue to update our policies. Therefore, we urge you to take some time to read our refund policy.

Please read our refund policy given here before placing an order for your customized content:


We finalize an order placed by a client after we receive the completed order brief and partial payment. If you want to withdraw or cancel an order, you can do so before the writer has begun work on your project. However, we pursue a strict policy of no refunds to encourage serious clients.


We confirm all orders and we assign a writer to work on an order ONLY after receipt of half the payment in advance. Since we are an online business, the policy of requesting a 50% payment in advance helps us to maintain our operations and ensure total commitment to your order.


If a client wants to cancel an order and request a refund, it is advisable that they contact the administrator immediately to find out if we have finalized the order. If the order is not final at the time, then we can cancel the order upon the request of the client. However, after the order is final, we do not guarantee any refund of an advance payment.


In the event that a client requests cancellation of an order before finalizing it, the client can request for refund of the 50% advance payment by contacting our administrator. However, the decision to make a refund depends on the discretion of the management, and it will be conclusive after examining the circumstances of the case.


In some extreme cases, there might be a possibility for making a partial refund to the client. If the client cancels an order before finalization, the client may make a request for a refund to the website management. Upon analysis, if we deem it necessary and feasible, the client will receive a partial refund of the advance payment. This refund is not a guarantee under every circumstance and depends entirely on the assessment of the request by the management.

The terms of the refund policy may change in line with the business policy of the company. Do visit this page regularly to stay updated on our cancellation and refund policies.

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