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According to a survey online by our team in 2020, every new medical officer, and the dentist needs at least twenty patients in one month to boost up his or her business or make the hospital a success. This is an important requirement to lift the medical practice. Now the big question is how to get those twenty patients per month? – Through medical and dental marketing!


Because it makes your dental or medical practice easier to find online, internationally, and on local searches!

Here is a fact – about 75% of patients begin their treatment by first searching online on Google and then social media platforms.

Then they select the best-fit medical care center, take appointments, and get treatment from their doctors and dentists online. If you are a new doctor or dentist, or if you have relocated your medical and dental marketing, then, you need not worry because we are always here to help you out with enhancing your marketing strategies.

How to Get More Paying Relevant Patients

This is the age of social media and the internet, where people are constantly using Google and social media platforms to find whatever they need. Times have changed with mobile technology and people stay hooked to both social media and Google searches for information on the go. This is where we come into the picture. Digital marketing or online marketing helps your business become more visible online, on Google and other search engines.

Medical and Dental Marketing Strategies

Marketing online is not something you can start and stop at any time if you want to succeed and get more patients. It requires investing in ongoing digital marketing services. Results start to show within three to six months, and with steady online marketing, your practice can be in the top ten in your niche.

To achieve this, we offer a set of digital marketing services in the US, UK, UAE, and Pakistan. Here is what medical and dental marketing entails:

We Maintain Best Marketing Practices

Over the years, with regular technological advancements, there have been changes in the marketing strategies for medical and dental practices. At Symbolic Text Developers, we stay up-to-date with the latest strategies. Our clientele allows us to try the newest tools and strategies to be able to offer our clients the best. Online marketing is all about trying the latest and finding the best tools and strategies that work for our clients.

So, welcome to Symbolic Text Developer. We have the best team, including experts and specialists who are familiar with medical and dental marketing. Our team gives you full-time services and we ensure your success as we provide you the best guidelines about medical and dental marketing.

Why Choose Us for Dental and Medical Marketing?

If you are a new dentist and a doctor in the market or you are a very busy practitioner, you may not understand how online marketing works. To understand and apply it, you would first need to make time to learn it. We understand how busy you are and so we are here to extend our helping hand. Let us handle dental and medical marketing for you.

Over the years, we have gained experience by offering our services to quite a few doctors and dentists worldwide. This gives us an edge over other digital marketing agencies. If you choose to work with us, you can be sure to have a great experience and results as well. Our expertise, transparency, and honesty is our strength in this industry.

Our Approach in Dental and Medical Marketing

We plan different strategies for your online marketing. After more than a decade of experience, we know that an extraordinary and efficient strategy in online marketing often serves our clients with an engaging social media presence. Medical professionals need to adhere to their ethics and we respect this in all our medical and dental marketing strategies. You can rest assured that we give you our best.

So, let us share some details about our approach to medical marketing.

·         Website Design & Audit

First, we create a website for you. If you already have one, then we audit it and do a competitive analysis. If there is a need for massive improvements, we may recommend a completely new design. To be successful, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. Without an optimal website, our efforts to help your medical marketing may be in vain. Experience tells us that having an awesome website is crucial for successful online marketing.

·         Google My Business

Second, we create your account on Google My Business (GMB) for your business. It is the essential step for any dentist and a medical officer to get their website in front of different online patients. This helps make your business trusted and visible on Google searches. It is a very important step to make your marketing successful.

Then, we optimize your GMB account as well as the website and synchronize the account with a Google map. A good presence on Google Maps can increase traffic coming to your website.

·         Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the strategy that brings your business website right in front of potential patients. It requires using specific (high search volume and low competition) keywords. SEO is the best way to get traffic through organic searches, not paid to advertise. This applies not only to medical and dental marketing but to other industries as well. This is where you need our expertise and years of experience. We use the best tools to mine and filter the best keywords that can get your website to the top of relevant searches on search engines (e.g. Google).

SEO has two aspects, on-page (on the website), and off-page (backlinking). For this, we have a team of experts who plan and do outreach. This is not something you as a medical professional can include in your busy schedule. This practice requires a lot of time and is more or less a complete job on its own.

We apply our years of experience and market analysis internationally and locally to help your medical practice.

·         Content Marketing

After that, we create a dental and medical blog on your website for you. This is one of the most important strategies to attract your patients. Blogs offer valuable information to clients and showcase your expertise in your practice. Reading the blogs tells potential patients that they can trust you. It shows your authority in your medical practice.

Blogging will make the ranking of your website based on search engine keywords much easier and effective. In this way, we help you to engage patients with you.

·         Social Media Marketing

More than 3.5 billion people are using social media nowadays. Relevant images and text, blogs shared, and videos as well help to create awareness about your specialty. Therefore, we encourage our clients to use images and videos to promote their dental and medical practices subtly. As mentioned earlier, we know that the medical profession is not about promoting their practice. We stick to medical ethics and we respect the guidelines for medical and dental marketing.

·         Advertising

Using Google advertising (also known as PPC or AdWords) is also one of the trending and effective dental and medical marketing strategies. While SEO is the best approach for making your website appear in searches organically, paid advertising is a preferred way for instant brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions. It may be a bit more expensive than SEO, but it is helpful.

We offer both Google advertising and Facebook advertising. We have expertise in advertising on other platforms as well, but for the medical professionals, we recommend these two platforms for advertising.

·         Email Marketing

Most medical practices miss the best chance to have loyal customers by not paying attention to email marketing. There is a general misconception that email marketing is too promotional. We manage email marketing without sounding too promotional but instead, we keep the content informational.

Another misconception is that email marketing is not effective in medical and dental marketing. People in the US, UK, and other countries prefer reading informative emails in their free time. This is why email marketing is very useful, in our experience.

Email marketing helps remind people about your practice. This way, whenever they need help, your facility would be in their minds. Besides, emails with information about different medical conditions and tips on how to manage them before visiting, or information on what to do in emergencies show your expertise. This helps build trust. The potential clients/patients must trust you so that they can choose you as their go-to doctor or dentist. These are two major advantages of using email marketing in medical and dental practice.

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We understand the skepticism potential clients have, especially if they have had a bad experience before finding us. We can assure you that you and your trust are more important to us. We do not do this for the money, but we are more about creating lasting and trusting relations with all our clients. This is why we have a few but happy clients.

This is why we have a policy of providing regular reports and holding meetings with our clients to answer their questions and concerns as often as needed. Transparency and trust is our main goal.

If you need more information about our medical and dental marketing services, feel free to contact us. You may also request a FREE Business Strategy Planning Session.

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