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Over the past several years, law firm marketing has become one of the most needed forms of digital marketing in the United States and other countries. Sadly, with the increase in the need for this, there has been an increase in difficulties finding the best agency.

Your Trust is Important to Us

We have helped a handful of lawyers (solo and law firms) put their business right in front of potential customers over the years. The first thing our potential clients express is their anxiety and distrust. We understand there have been bad experiences, but this is what we work hard to change. Symbolic Text Developers values customer loyalty and lasting trustful relations.

Our Approach for Law Firm Marketing

Lawyers must not underestimate the importance of having an accessible and high-quality law firm website. With one, you can easily turn your client’s visit into a successful conversion. However, law firm websites need a permanent online presence. The website design plays an important role in online marketing for law firms. It must be easy to read, express your business ethics, mobile-friendly, and easy to use. Keep it simple and professional.

Our experienced team plans and creates your website to make it ready for effective online marketing. You do not always need to restructure your website unless it is that bad. As part of our law firm marketing services, we evaluate your website and then give you our professional advice.

You have to demonstrate your expertise as well as drive traffic (clients). If you have more than one practice area, show and explain the types of law practices on your website. Therefore, you need a successful law firm agency website, which draws the attention of your clients and helps to make your online law business successful.

·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best way to become successful is to make your website the right choice for your visitors. For this, you need to follow specific SEO guidelines that help make your business website visible to the right potential clients. This requires ranking in the top five results on SERPs for the relevant keywords.

When you see your competition’s website ranking in the top five in the search results, it means they are using SEO services. You need to notch your efforts a bit more to beat them. For this, you need experience and this is what we have to offer you. This is why we are sure that hiring us means you get results within 3-6 months. We do thorough keyword research and study your competitor’s strategies by spying on them and making better strategies to take you to the top of the result on SERPs.

·         Website Design & Audit

The cornerstone of staying available for your clients is having an active law website. For this, you need regular blogging and sharing eBooks and newsletters to display your authority in your practice.

Moreover, it is not just enough to have a website; it has to be mobile-friendly and easy to use. When people land at your website, how quickly it loads, and how easily they get the information they are looking for is crucial. We design websites that aim to increase visitor engagement and are easy to navigate. People should be able to see your website on every mobile device. We ensure this.

We use themes that are easy to rank through SEO. If you already have a website, we will audit it and recommend changes. If it is not up to professional standards, we will recommend a complete makeover because it is best in your interest. This will include our designing the logo for you if you never had a website before now.

·         Social Media Marketing

Without a strong social media presence, you may miss many potential customers. More people are depending on social media for all kinds of information and help. Making your law practice available and easy to find on social media is necessary for successful law firm marketing.

We manage your social pages for you so that you do not have to worry about this. As a lawyer, we understand how busy your day already is. Even though you may already know how to manage your online presence, you may not find enough time. This is where we come in to relieve you of the burden. Having more than seven years of experience in law firm marketing, we understand the customer’s logic and design and plan social media marketing with the intent to have higher conversion rates.

·         Email Marketing

We offer this as an option to attorneys who already have a good email list of existing potential customers. Sending regular reminders and informative content to their inbox helps them to remember your practice in times of unexpected need. This also makes you a better choice for them over your competition.

If you are interested in this, we plan the email campaigns and use email marketing tools to manage the email campaigns for you.

·         Online Advertising

Google advertising or AdWords or PPC, has become one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Even in the law firm marketing industry, Google advertising is the best and quickest way of generating brand awareness and leads.

We help you manage the ads, design them, explore different landing pages for all your practices to generate more leads. The trick is making the best target audience and we use our years of experience to do this just right.

Why Choose Us for Law Firm Marketing

Symbolic Text Developers is the best place for you because our dedicated team gives you an uncommon and valuable proposition, which other websites do not offer. We do this by identifying your main concerns, doing a competitive analysis, and conducting a site audit. After this, based on what is required, we provide a marketing plan and execute it. We keep our customers in the loop with monthly reports because we value your trust in our professional expertise.

We have worked for quite a few law firms and lawyers in the UK, USA, and Pakistan.  This opportunity helped us gain much experience in this industry.

Our law firm marketing specialty not only targets one type of law practice, but we market all legal niches. Whether your practice is personal injury, immigration, family law, bankruptcy, criminal defence, employment law, estate planning, and any other type, we guarantee results if you work with us.

Learn with Us

Another reason why our clients like us and stick with us is that we share our knowledge with them. We keep them in the loop with what we do and answer their questions. This helps them learn and trust us even more. No other digital marketing agency does this.

Our Goals in Law Firm Marketing

Our main goal is to teach you how to handle law online marketing and engage more clients through your website. We offer different niche-specific legal marketing strategies, which develop a good relationship with your clients. We aim to make your law firm successful, through helpful discussions, wise decisions, and by making them free of any sort of confusion.

Here is a summary of what you can expect when working with Symbolic Text Developers:

  • Our team makes a unique website design for your law firm and makes it a responsive one for your clients. This will help your potential clients find exactly what they need from you and decide to hire you.
  • We ensure a highly ranked law firm website by applying strategic search engine optimization for tactics.
  • We handle your social media accounts and use them for advertisement
  • We also help with reputation management on social media platforms by sharing informative content in blogs.
  • We build trust with your clients by writing good content and blogs for legal marketing.
  • We also offer email marketing if you would need that as part of our law firm marketing services.

For further details or if you have any queries, feel free to book a FREE consultation. You can also get FREE Business Strategy Planning Session if you would be interested.


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