An SEO content writer can help in driving high traffic towards your website. S/he can accomplish this by increasing the visibility of your website on search engines.

Experienced SEO content writers generally know all the rules and guidelines required by search engines. Hence, they are the best people to provide SEO content for your website.

How an SEO Content Writer Works

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing change their specific algorithms to improve the quality of result pages. The SEO content writer abides by these algorithmic changes, and diverts high traffic towards a website using SEO keywords. This is what improves the website’s ranking on search engines.

SEO writers are professionals who introduce your businesses on different platforms to attract maximum consumers. Business firms generally focus on their products and services, and cannot provide time for good quality content. There are many websites available on the internet, where you can easily hire some of the best SEO writers.

The Cost Factor in Hiring

The prices of SEO writers depend on many factors, such as word limits and other specific instructions. Look for SEO companies, if you wish to save some money, because freelance writers charge higher than company employed ones.

Some companies and freelance writers may charge you more for academic and rare niche content. That is because not all writers can write about specific subjects.

For instance, fields like medical, engineering, and law are generally difficult and time consuming to write on. Getting such content written by a content writing company may more lucrative than hiring a freelance writer.

A company stands a better chance of having a writer who has specialized in that particular field under its wing. Companies offer fixed charges on content plans, and hence will prove to be more affordable.

A freelance writer however, will charge you way more, especially if s/he has not specialized in those fields. Moreover, they may not be capable of providing relevant content to your satisfaction. It is recommendable to check their educational background and areas of expertise before hiring them.

Keyword Placement

An experienced SEO content writer knows how to place specific keywords in all sorts of content. It is also part of their job to find, suggest, and use the best keywords for your content if the provided keywords are not appropriate.

They will suggest the keywords after taking the time to research them thoroughly. Thus, they can charge extra for that. However, most writers and companies are open to negotiate their prices. You can ask for samples of previous work prior to hiring an experienced writer.

The profile of an SEO content writer or company often has a clients’ review section. Be sure to look at the clients’ reviews to determine the service quality. Positive feedbacks are always a reassurance.

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