The following article writing tips are what you need to improve your article-writing skills to the best level possible:

  1. Write on a topic that you know you are confident about and that you are good at, because only then would you be able to give it a 100%. Before you start, you will need to keep your mind set on excellence and focused on the article alone.
  2. Before you start, make a draft of the points that come to your mind as soon as you read the topic. Then start your research. To write an article, extensive research is a major requirement, both on the internet and in the library. Grab as much as you possibly can for the article and jot it down, so you do not forget any important information worth sharing with readers.
  3. These article writing tips will be incomplete without the most dreaded topic – ‘plagiarism’. When you research content on the web you will find tempting articles and points that you WANT to add to your article, but you should not because nowadays plagiarism is easily detectable. Avoid the shame and never copy-paste someone else’s content. That’s stealing and can lead to legal action against you.
  4. Try offering your readers something new, not something they already know. Be innovative, you can do it.
  5. Use simple language so that it is easily understandable for every reader, even for those for who have English as their second language. This increases the number of your audience.
  6. Ensure your facts are straight and genuine. In order to do that, you can add quotes so that you avoid using ‘umm’, ‘something like,’ etc.
  7. Keep your article interesting throughout, so that the reader reads until the end not just the start. This makes it obvious that the start should be catchy.
  8. Try to connect with the reader. Think of what one wants to read. Be creative and imaginative of what people would love to read.
  9. After you finish, make sure you read and proofread your article to make sure your article is error free.
  10. Last but not the least, you will write as good as the books you read, so read good books because they will greatly improve your writing skills.

An additional and very important tip to wrap things up is, to read our article writing tips once more before you start writing, so that they are fresh in your mind when you start writing. Check out our site for more tips and guides on writing.

Don`t copy text!