In recent times, how to write SEO articles has become a very important topic for the freelancers. SEO writing is not magic and it is certainly not a difficult task for anyone who wants to write articles. It is as easy as writing a simple article for any newsletter, blogs, or for any other purpose.

People, who are working as internet marketers, usually focus more on the SEO articles. This is because it is important to make sure their website is visible at the top results of search engines.

For this purpose, knowing how to write SEO articles is very important for every successful website and business.

How to Write SEO Articles – SEO Writing Tips

Some SEO writing tips that one can take into consideration while writing are as following:

  • Making attractive titles of the article that should be catchy, but easy to search.
  • Using common keywords that help in understanding the main theme of the article. The writer can display the keyword in bold or in a highlighted manner.
  • Choosing keywords is not a special technique, just read well and research common words. Use them not more than three to five times in the entire article. There is some debate over the placement of the keywords.
  • Some people claim positioning is not as important as keyword density. On the other hand, some insist that placing them in the first 100 words and last 100 words is crucial.
  • At the same time, some people insist on placing them once in the first 50 words, once in the middle, and once in the last 50 words.
  • Proper research is always helpful for writing a good article. Make sure that there is no copying from others’, because plagiarism is a crime.
  • Sentences must be properly constructed and with proper grammar.
  • As you are writing it for people of all ages and ethnic origins, do not be specific to gender.
  • The first and the last paragraph must be in proper flow. It must have some connection with every other paragraph in the content to make it more interesting and sensible.
  • The article must be interesting and provide value to readers.
  • If needed, bold words can be useful along with using catchy lines with some capital letters.
  • Using relevant images and originality in the content makes any article more interesting to read.
  • Lastly, the article must be relevant to the topic. This will help make sure readers do not get off the point while reading it.

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