Writing itself is a not-so-difficult task; however, rewriting content can be tricky. It is like entering a competition. Writing and rewriting both require a lot of focus and writing skills to ensure that at the end of the day, the content is original.

Here are some tips on writing:

  1. Make the title and text interesting
  2. Draft out your work
  3. Be concise
  4. Use easy language
  5. Re-read and edit to eliminate the errors

Now the fifth point might seem to be the easiest task, but it’s not. You might think writing is the greater chunk of the work but it is not.

Writing and rewriting together make your work exceptional. Everyone wants his or her work to standout and to be flawless.

Writing original content is the way to go. Your research is the first step.

Then comes rewriting, which most people opt for because they may not want to lose the worth of the information.

In such a situation, by rewriting the article the content becomes new again with recycled information.

Here is what you need to look for when writing and rewriting:

  1. You should know that proofreading once is not enough. Your work might not have the consistency it needs. And perhaps the points do not match. It is possible to fix that missing link when you proofread your work.


  1. Lookout for grammatically incorrect and poorly constructed sentences.


  1. Check the dialogues and narratives cautiously.


  1. Lookout for text that changes from ‘I’ to ‘You’ to ‘We,’ because misuse of these can leave the reader confused.


  1. Check if the story is out of flow, or if the story is completely off the point.

In order to rewrite, you need to find people who you feel can critically analyze your work and point out your mistakes. If you cannot find anyone, do it yourself.

Imagine you are a third person, become mean, and pick out the mistakes. Remember, do not pressurize yourself, and do not go overboard.

In short, in order for you to get your words right, you need to do some writing and rewriting regularly.


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